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February 17, 2012

“A perfect blend of financial advice, real-life humor, and biblical wisdom…all rolled into one book!”

Joseph Stango, Financial Consultant / Founder of Choice Centered Medicaid

“Say good-bye to financial debt and hello to PRO$PERITY!”

Randy Wexler, Christian TV Producer / Co-Founder

“$ecrets of Jewish Wealth Revealed helped me to MASTER my credit cards, for once and for


Susan Zahn, Faith-Based Public Relations Specialist

“With this book, Rabbi Celso Cukierkorn lays out a foundation for success. His book provides a simple blueprint for daily financial discipline and shows us that with time, effort, and a good plan, every dream is a possibility.”

Shaun Ince, Commodities Trader/ BMO Capital Markets

Here is what Readers on are saying:

“This book is a "gem". It distills the economic

wisdom of thousands of years into a user

friendly compendium for contemporary life.”

“I really felt transformed by reading this book.

And now I feel prepared to make some some

changes in my life that will set me

on a prosperous path.”

“Rabbi Cukierkorn leads the reader on a adventure where similar insights are shared along with the ability for the reader, from any religious background, to understand the Jewish perspective on investment and financial well-being from a more holistic environment.”

“Rabbi Celso Cukierkorn lays down a concrete

plan to get people out of debt and into good

financial position. If you follow it, you will find


“I feel so blessed to have found this new title.”

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Revealing the Secrets of Jewish Wealth

Learning Live with The People's Rabbi Unscripted! Learn some new secrets as Rabbi Celso shares teachings from the book and his experiences, never seen before

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